About Us

We sell\ distribute various mesmerizing jewels and gem stones in the international market and here locally. People living with HIV/AIDS and with disability make the jewelries. We believe all human beings are equal and should not be discriminated regardless of their gender, political ideology, status, race and physical appearance. We strongly advocate that disability isn’t a disease and people with disability can do the things other people without disability can do. MGHH Trading PLC has created job opportunities for these people not as a charity but because they deserved a chance like everybody else. we are helping them earn a living using their abilities.

our employees are skilled and know the craft of jewelry. Our company makes beautiful accessories that would go with any outfit. We have necklaces, rings, earrings made of silver, bronze and precious gemstones. MGHH Trading PLC have our own unique and attractive designs. We deliver your orders on time. we give free trainings on jewelries for people with disabilities and the youth. We design jewelries for every age; all you got to do is give us an order. Not only we design your ordered jewelries but we will also gladly deliver them to you. We export our products overseas to Canada, Azerbaijan and India. In addition to this, we also efficiently provide quality inputs for companies engaged in minerals and jewelry business.



MGHH Trading PLC aims to be a competitive gemstone provider using online marketing strategy. We would like to promote our products in the international market and in Ethiopia. We envision creating a platform where you can purchase and order online and we would deliver your orders to your doorsteps.